Spouse with Criminal Record


Spouse With Criminal Record

Criminal Inadmissibility & Spouse with Criminal Record

Inadmissibility applies to everyone included in the application to Canada. The entire application and all family included will be refused if there are criminal or medical inadmissibility issues with just one member. Though inadmissibility is a barrier to immigrating to Canada, there are ways to overcome it and be allowed to immigrate Canada.

If a person has been convicted of a crime, or committed a crime in their home country the person may be considered inadmissible to Canada due to criminality

It is important to note that not all crimes and convictions make a 

Person inadmissible to Canada. The crime has to be of a certain degree of seriousness.

One common reason for criminal inadmissibility is a DUI charge. People with one or more recent convictions for driving while intoxicated are likely to be turned away from entering Canada.

Other crimes that can make you criminally inadmissible include theft, reckless driving and assault.

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What Can You Do?

First, you must determine how long ago your last conviction/charge was: 

For full information on applications for rehabilitation, including eligibility, please contact PURPOSE.  These applications are extremely complex and are most often decided on paper and therefore the application must be comprehensive, concise and compelling.